Warrior Centurion – Chris Fusaro


v Cardiff Blues at Firhill. 19th February 2010

100th game

v Treviso at Scotstoun. 27th November 2015




Chris is the only member of the current squad to have been red carded while playing for Glasgow.

He took the middle name Curtis as a tribute to his hero Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent.

He is the only back row to make more than 50 appearances for Gregor Townsend while only playing in one position.

Escape to victory

Christopher Curtis Fusaro arrived at Glasgow with the Killer Bs in their pomp and more experienced campaigners such as Richie Vernon, James Eddie and Calum Forrester backing them up. The young man had to bide his time and it wasn’t until his third season that he really broke through. He did it in fine style though, featuring in all bar 2 of that season’s fixtures; winning Player of the Year awards from the club, the players and the fans; and usurping John Barclay as first choice openside.

Chris is one of an ever increasing cohort of number 7s at the club. There are so many in fact that Gregor Townsend has had to resort to playing them in any old position just to fit them in. Their numbers are increasing so quickly that soon the Warriors will have an infinite number of opensides causing a gravitational singularity which will absorb everything on the planet, crushing it to an infinite density and ending life on earth for good. So thanks in advance for that Chris…

What to ask Chris

Quanto sei orgoglioso dei tuoi radici italiane?

What not to ask Chris

Weren’t you scared fighting off that Soviet invasion in Colorado?

One comment

  1. Some of the information above may have been made up…I also have to apologise for the obscure Red Dawn reference in that last question. Unless you’re of a certain age it would have made no sense. Wolverines!


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