1872 Cup 1st leg: Edinburgh player ratings

Jack Cuthbert – 6
One storming run (like a drunk giraffe) which accounted for a quarter of Glasgow’s missed tackles. Barely troubled at all in defence or under the high ball.

Dougie Fife – 5
Just one of those nights where the game just never seemed to go his way – either in defence or attack – with Seymour anonymous and the ball rarely reaching the Edinburgh flanks.

Michael Allen – 6
A solid night where he made solid decisions about when to carry, pass etc. and defended solidly. He was solid. Looks a good foil for Scott.

Matt Scott – 7
The key to almost everything in the Edinburgh backline. A fine game stopping the Glasgow centres and getting his own side on the front foot. Note of caution – he only made 1 pass all night. Is he having to take too much on himself?

Tom Brown – 8
Just call him Gandalf – “You shall not pass!”. Bravery personified in defence he deserves more opportunities to showcase his pace in attack so someone throw him the damn ball!

Phil Burleigh – 7
Mixed up his game well and looked like the answer at 10, especially in the first half. Showed a real willingness to get involved in the breakdown and nailed a crucial turnover.

Sam Hidalgo-Clyne – 6
Mixed bag from SHC as he contributed to a controlled game from the half backs but was turned over 3 times. He’ll need to tone down the verbals if Edinburgh get Nigel as a ref…

Rory Sutherland – 6
A reasonable performance as understudy to Dickinson, although the young fella has a long way to go before he’s in Al’s class (to be fair there’s not that many who are).

Ross Ford – 7
Good night with his darts at the lineout and a total pest at the breakdown. 6 carries for no metres gained is not so great though. Overall well in credit and well ahead of Brown for the Scotland jersey.

WP Nel – 7
Schooled Ryan Grant early on in the scrum but the penalty he conceded and being shoved off the ball will rankle. After next week’s game he may well be wrapped in cotton wool until the Six Nations.

Anton Bresler – 6
An absolute pain in the arse of  a player (that’s a compliment) – which means he has to be doing something right. Another who contributed hugely to Edinburgh ‘winning’ the breakdown.

Alex Toolis – 5
Quiet night from the former Warrior (just). Linked well with the backs but was peripheral at times in attack and defence. Still a breakthrough season though and a handy guy to have in the squad.

Mike Coman (c) – 7
Lead by example and put his body on the line time and time again as part of a back row that were the dominant influence on the game and its outcome.

John Hardie – 9
Outstanding performance. Simply worked harder than anyone else on the pitch. Allied to a sharp rugby brain he just seems to act that fraction quicker than his opponents. A cloak of invisibility away from going the full McCaw.

Cornell Du Preez – 8
He has a very good all-round game with no obvious weaknesses. At the moment his key contribution to the Edinburgh pack needs to be getting on the ball and generating go forward and he was all over this against Glasgow.

Neil Cochrane – continued from where Ford left off with some solid lineout throwing.
Allan Dell – scrum struggled a bit when he was on as a temporary replacement.
John Andress – big drop off from Nel but got the job done on the last scrum of the night.
Ben Toolis – not much time to get involved but Embra fans will just be delighted to have him back.
Jamie Ritchie – brief cameo before the Hardie insisted on returning to finish the job.
Sean Kennedy – not on long but still managed to miss 2 tackles!
Greig Tonks – unused.
Andries Strauss – barely seconds on the pitch. Could have been quite entertaining to see him play wing for any length of time…

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For the avoidance of doubt:
10 – DC v the Lions, 2nd Test 2005
9 – excellent
8 – very good
7 – good
6 – decent
5 – pass marks
4 – poor
3 – very poor
2 – waste of space
1 – waste of oxygen
0 – comatose

Picture as ever courtesy of Adrian Henry. Visit Rugby People for more of Adrian’s fine work.

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