1872 Cup 1st leg: Glasgow player ratings


Stuart Hogg – 5
Not involved in the game nearly enough to be the kind of influence that he should be. Dumb penalty to relieve the pressure when he’d pushed Edinburgh right back on their own line.

Taqele Naiyarovoro – 6
The last time an Ozzie was shackled like that he was being transported to the penal colonies. Made ground but he was let down by his team mates flinging dumb passes at him and he was well marshalled by Tom Brown.

Mark Bennett – 6
Looked classy when he go into the game but it didn’t happen on sufficient occasions in the middle of the game when the match was decided. Dumb decision not to cut back late on rather than being shepherded into touch.

Peter Horne – 5
Kept very quiet in attack – it’s rare to see his footwork fail to bring some good breaks but the Edinburgh midfield and back row were on top of the Glasgow 10-12 channel all night.

Tommy Seymour – 5
Some poor decision making allied to some even poorer execution when it came to dumbly kicking the ball (away). Kept looking for gaps that just didn’t appear in the Edinburgh defence.

Finn Russell – 5
He’s improved in every game he’s appeared in since returning from the RWC but still too many dumb plays. But it’s been a marginal gain each time and he was working from a low base. Can he get back to something close to the level he’s capable of before the internationals kick off again?

Grayson Hart – 5
Contributed to containing the Edinburgh forwards around the fringes and swept up when his back 3 were out of position. Working behind a pack that wasn’t protecting their own ball but sometimes his passing could still have been slicker.


Ryan Grant – 4
Managed to get on the ball more than in recent games but if he doesn’t sort out his setpiece struggles he’s going to be seriously targeted over the next 4 weekends his place in the Scotland squad may be under threat.

Fraser Brown – 4
Lineout struggled and although part of that was down to the calling and the jumpers there were a number of poor throws and then dumb execution on the trick play. Not able to impose himself at the breakdown either.

Sila Puafisi – 5
Scrum was more solid on his side. Decent number of tackles for a prop. Dumb move when he engaged an Edinburgh maul that was set to be sacked by Fusaro.

Leone Nakarawa – 6
Glasgow’s most effective player at getting over the gainline. Lost the ball a couple of times but the risk/reward ratio was still in his favour. Needed more support when he did break through.

Tim Swinson – 4
Not sure anyone remembered to tell him he was replacing Jonny Gray. His most anonymous performance in a Glasgow shirt. Little presence carrying or tackling and couldn’t stem the tide of black and red at ruck time.

Ryan Wilson – 5
Top tackler by a distance and made a respectable number of carries. Hard to remember a single occasion that he dominated his opponent in either facet though. Conceded a couple of dumb penalties as well.

Chris Fusaro – 4
Ineffective at the breakdown which is where Glasgow really needed him to shine. Made dumb decisions on when to pass, holding on when the ball should have gone and releasing it when he should have protected it.

Adam Ashe – 5
Similar story to Wilson – work rate in terms of the raw numbers was respectable but it was all very passive, letting Edinburgh carriers onto the front foot or retain possession comfortably and not breaking the gain line himself.


James Malcolm – continued from where Brown left off with some poor lineout throwing
Gordon Reid – big upgrade in the scrum although he still needs to get his hands on the ball more.
Zander Ragnar Fagerson – threw himself into the game but needs to protect the ball better in contact.
Greg Peterson – would have liked to see him earlier and used more often as a ball carrier.
Simone Favaro – couldn’t get himself up to the tempo of the game the way he does when he starts. Dumb high shot to take pressure off Edinburgh.
Ali Price – shaky start but he shook it off and upped the tempo late on.
Sam Johnson – hard to judge from his cameo. May have scored or given a scoring pass if Russell had used him rather than firing a dumb pass straight to Mr. T.
Lee Jones – unused.

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For the avoidance of doubt:
10 – DC v the Lions, 2nd Test 2005
9 – excellent
8 – very good
7 – good
6 – decent
5 – pass marks
4 – poor
3 – very poor
2 – waste of space
1 – waste of oxygen
0 – comatose

Picture as ever courtesy of Adrian Henry. Visit Rugby People for more of Adrian’s fine work.

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