1872 Cup 2nd leg: Edinburgh player ratings

On Top Of The Moon’s Burgher of the Match – Cornell Du Preez. The big South African was a menace in attack and defence. Scotland fans will be looking forward to November when he officially becomes Cornell MacPreez.


Jack Cuthbert – 6
The Running Man may only have made 30 metres ball in hand but that was still top among all Edinburgh players and bettered only by Mark Bennett for the Warriors. Well positioned to deal with Glasgow’s rather poor kicking game.

Dougie Fife – 5
Last week “You shall not pass” was Tom Brown’s message to Mr T. This week it seemed more like an instruction from Alan Solomons to his centres. Just 1 carry each for Fife and Hoyland on the wings.

Michael Allen – 6
Continued where he left off in the first leg and made a very nice break (one of only two made by Embra in the entire game). Looks more suited to centre than wing where he’s a little exposed for pace.

Matt Scott – 6
Not as influential as first time around but still the dominant player in the black and red backline. Rather extraordinarily he managed to play 160 minutes against Glasgow while only making 2 passes.

Damien Hoyland– 4
No real opportunity to showcase his undoubted attacking talents and slipped off a couple of tackles on the rare occasions the Warriors got some width on the ball.

Phil Burleigh – 7
The pick of the three 10s on show at Murrayfield over the festive period although it might be a bit early to start pencilling him in for future international duty. The key to his night was good decisions made at the right time – something that seemed to elude Duncan Weir (as it did Finn Russell in the 1st leg).

Sam Hidalgo-Clyne – 6
It’s not quite happening for young Sam right now. That’s not to say that he has become a bad player overnight – just not up to the standard he set last season. Could do with finding some form before heading into the Six Nations as Greig Laidlaw’s backup.


Rory Sutherland – 7
The excellent contest between 21 year old Sutherland and 19 year old Zander Fagerson would have had grizzled veterans of the front row union greeting into their pints of real ale, muttering about “experience in the dark arts” and “need to learn their trade”.

Ross Ford – 5
Lineout went awry under huge pressure from the Glasgow pack (with Jonny Gray to the fore). Defensive work rate just about kept him at pass marks for a showing that was abbreviated by injury.

WP Nel – 6
Found Gordon Reid a much more difficult proposition (see what I did there?) to Ryan Grant. Not really a factor ball in hand the way that might have been expected and maybe even looked a little tired?

Anton Bresler – 6
Threw himself at everything that moved in defence, particularly during that heroic last few minutes. Turned the ball over 4 times to Glasgow though and Edinburgh need one of their more offensively minded locks back at 100% sharpish.

Ben Toolis – 5
Very quiet night on his first start after injury – he passed more than he carried which suggests he’s not fully up to speed. The next 3 weeks should allow him to get rid of the cobwebs and have a tilt for a place in Scotland’s Six Nations squad.

Mike Coman (c) – 8
He’s not flash and he doesn’t do the high profile stuff that would get him noticed. But he is the guy who allows Hardie to go for the big hits and CDP to attack wider out. His unselfish play, providing whatever the Embra pack needs, was crucial to their 1872 Cup success.

John Hardie – 7
Had much more competition this week from a re-energised Chris Fusaro but still showcased some bone-crunching hits and helped smother the Glasgow attack.

Cornell Du Preez – 9
Just all-round excellence. Threw more passes than anyone bar SHC; most carries of any forward; top tackler on the night. CDP is flying right now and will be even more vital when Edinburgh are playing with a weakened pack during the Six Nations.


Neil Cochrane – a very solid backup but could do with cutting down the number of penalties he concedes.
Allan Dell – replacement props did a better job of keeping the scrum stable this week and made their tackles late on.
John Andress – see Dell.
Alex Toolis – solidified the lineout and if anything looked the superior of the twins.
Jamie Ritchie – an even briefer cameo than last week. Hopefully he’s not being paid by the minute…
Sean Kennedy – unused.
Greig Tonks – unused.
Andries Strauss – unused.

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For the avoidance of doubt:
10 – DC v the Lions, 2nd Test 2005
9 – excellent
8 – very good
7 – good
6 – decent
5 – pass marks
4 – poor
3 – very poor
2 – waste of space
1 – waste of oxygen
0 – comatose

Picture as ever courtesy of Adrian Henry. Visit Rugby People for more of Adrian’s fine work.

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