What makes a great captain?

Here’s The Pen on why Big Al was the ultimate leader

The Pen

Is it their leadership skills? There is certainly a case for this making up a large percentage of the role. Without a leader, a group can easily lose its way and stray of the intended path. But lots of people are given leadership and don’t know how to use it. They don’t know how to command and get the best of those around them so it can’t solely be that.

Does a captain have to be a fighter? Yes and no. If you look over the years at the great captains of the greatest sports teams, I’d imagine not a lot of those guys were the hardest man on the pitch, rink, field or court. In 1994 when the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup, Mark Messier was their leader yet he was not a man to get involved in altercations. Richie McCaw could mix it when require, but…

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